West-Side Scholars Academy

W.S.S.A. is our Saturday Academic and social enrichment program for families with children in grades 5-8. The Academy meets two Saturdays a month, culminating in a summer international travel experience! West- Side Scholars AcademyThroughout the year, our scholars learn Spanish, receive high-end instruction in core academic subjects, compete in oratory and debate, and develop essential life skills (from character development, dining etiquette to changing a car tire).

W.S.S.A. is designed to engage, educate, and inspire students in grades 5-8 to reach their maximum academic, intellectual, social, and moral potentials and to build ethical, community-oriented leaders. For more information about WSSA, visit the website



  • Improved academic achievement
  • A school-to-career focus.
  • Exposure to colleges, universities and other Cultures internationally
  • Enhanced skills in problem solving, critical thinking, communication, presentation, leadership, interpersonal and analysis
  • An active parent support network equipped with knowledge and guidance to effectively partner with the student and their school.