Virtual Community Learning Pod

The Citizens Impacting Community Association, Inc.(CICA), in partnership with the Tuscaloosa City Schools will offer a Virtual Community Learning Community for the 2020-2021academic year. This learning community will give students the opportunity to continue their education outside of their normal school environment, have limited interaction with other children, and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.  The Virtual Learning Community will offer one Facilitator to every five Students. Students will attend the Learning Community Monday through Friday from 7:50 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.

Every participant is required to sign a release of liability form for any injuries, illnesses, and/or sickness accumulated while participating in the Virtual Learning Community. 

Actions we are taking, in order to Protect Your Children & Others

  • Requiring a negative COVID-19 test from facilitators and students, before admittance
  • Disinfecting The Development and Outreach Center with EPA approved products
  • Requiring Mask and Practicing Social Distancing
  • Administering daily temperature checks | anyone with a temperature > 100.3 will not be allowed to participate for the day
  • Placing Hand Sanitizing stations throughout the facility
  • Requiring anyone who test positive to self-quarantine for the recommended time and produce a negative test before returning to the Learning Pod

Daily Procedures

  • Meals will be provided by the Tuscaloosa City School System
  • Transportation will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian
  • Internet will be provided | hardware will be responsibility of the parent
  • Hardware such a laptops and other school supplies needed to successfully complete required work will be at the responsibility of the guardian of the student

Orientation for students and parents will be Monday, August 17th, 6pm at the Plum Grove Baptist Church Development and Outreach Center.

Download/print the Student Information Sheet