Sharing Extraordinary Exciting Knowledge

S.E.E.K. is our Youth Development & Crime Prevention Program. The program is open Tuesday-Thursday from 3:00 p.m. -5:30 p.m. during the calendar school year and transitions to a summer day camp during the summer months. We focus on six core areas:

  • Character
  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Health
  • Life Skills
  • Crime Prevention Activities.

Sharing Extraordinary Exciting Knowledge
S.E.E.K. is designed to impact at-risk youth ages 6-18 by implementing the six key concepts of positive youth development and crime prevention.


  • Improved character and behavior
  •  Develop practical leadership skills
  • Assist student with academic enrichment and homework
  • Healthy life styles through information and exercise
  • Practical life skills in decision making, finances, time management and etc.
  • Understand the impact of youth violence and at-risk behaviors that leads to it.